My Flood

Obeyed God. That’s what Noah did. He obeyed God. What “ark” would God ask me to build if I obeyed Him? How can I be righteous in this generation?

The one thing I’ve neglected to notice about the story of the flood up until now is in Genesis 7:16.

“The LORD shut him in”

This raises many questions and thoughts in my head. At first, my reaction is to look at my life and ask myself what I would do if the Lord shut me in. Have I been shut in before? Am I shut in now? Being shut in sounds pretty scary. I would be terrified if I were in that ark. But with character like Noah had, I would have complete faith in my God. That’s what he had. He trusted God so much he built an ark exactly how God asked and obeyed His every command. What ark is God waiting to ask me to build?

I want to build a women’s ministry. I want women to feel like beloved daughters and bride’s of their God and Christ. But what does God want for me? I want to move to Orlando and be with my family when Richard is done with his first two years of med school. I want a house on a lake with canopy trees leading up to it. I want a house full of children. But what I want doesn’t matter. It is such a leap of faith for me to say I only want what God wants for His glory and for myself. I think I even said that I wanted what God wants in a previous post. But when I sit here and list all the things that I want and think about none of those things being in God’s plan for me, I hesitate to trust Him. Again. I hesitate to let Him have all my dreams and desires. But I hear Him saying right now:

Crystal, delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

Yes Father. I am trying. Keep me on track here.

So God, will I trust You when you shut me in? Only You know. I am expecting to learn something during my flood that You will call me to. I want to have unwavering faith like Noah did. I want to be righteous in Your eyes so that You will call me to greatness for the sake of Your name and kingdom. I want to obey You and love You with all my heart, soul and strength. Teach me Your ways Lord.

The other interesting thing about that phrase is that it doesn’t say that the Lord shut “them” in. “Them” being everyone else besides Noah. His family, the animals etc…no. God shut Noah in. This was definitely intentional to me for God to be so specific. It’s a constant reminder that God put Noah right where he was supposed to be. God wants me to focus on how Noah’s walk and journey with Him is so specific and thought out. He shut Noah into his destiny. Noah didn’t do it himself. It would be easy for me to focus on how righteous and respected Noah was by God. I could sit here all day long trying to gain that same respect from God. God has spoken to my heart and given me peace about my future and the unknown. I am so much like Peter. I can take that initial step of faith onto the water and believe. But once that water gets rough, I begin to doubt my God. Help me Lord, with my unbelief.

I am thankful for prayer and the ability to ask for the Holy Spirit to enter my time in the word and guide my learning. Thank you God for that privilege.

There is something sweet to knowing that no matter how much work and effort I put into my “ark” God will be the one who sees it through. He will put the finishing touches on my life, on my goals and on my purpose that He has for me. That’s a relief.

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