new challenges

so i have not been blogging as much on this as i would like. I’ve finished Genesis. and since I’ve finished Genesis I have thought of many different things I would like to blog about but then I never sit down and get it out while it is fresh on my mind. I just tried to skim through and see if anything popped back out to me.

the reason it has been hard is because I have challenged myself by not allowing myself to go on facebook and now on blogs too. Not until I have read the entire Bible. Instead of spending time on those things I am spending time in God’s word.

I pulled out my “Bible in 90 days” for umpteenth time to try and accomplish this. I am up right now to say that I am a half day behind. So right now before I go to bed I am going to try and catch up on that.

Also, so I don’t get bored because as God knows I am a girl that has to keep things constantly changing, I am reading a chapter here and there from 3 different books. (Redeeming Love, Power of a Praying Parent, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God)

OH I remembered something! just the other day I had finished reading about Moses telling God he didn’t think he was the guy to lead everyone out of Egypt. Which of course I can relate to. But then I read a part of Power of a Praying Parent and a Mother’s prayer devotional and they both were talking about feeling unequipped for what you need to do. It was so perfect. Because everytime I think about doing women’s ministry one day all i sit there and do is talk myself out of it because I am a horrible writer and reader. All great speakers write books and read and research. But surprisingly I am finding my time in the Word and books so fulfilling. i remember feeling like this before but as I tend to get caught up in life I lose track of that.

Anyways. I am going to work harder on blogging on this blog more than our family one and doing it the day I read the scripture!

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