barren heights

“…Then he went off to a barren height. God met with him…” Numbers 23:3-4

Sometimes God brings you to barren heights to meet with you. I’d imagine back in those days Balaam didn’t want to go somewhere barren by himself. With the danger of wild animals and no one around to help you in case of an attack sounds pretty scary to me.

But beyond that, I find it interesting that God brings Balaam to a barren height. I’ve heard of and experienced meeting with God in a barren valley. I’ve been broken and felt helpless and God has met me there. But I wonder if I can think of a time that God has met me in a barren height. Is that when you are on top of the world but still feel empty without His presence? In this instance in the Bible, Balaam is looking for guidance and has already learned once that he shouldn’t even budge without God’s permission and guidance (Num. 22:21-35). Balaam is also considered blessed by God since Balak says that anyone he blesses is blessed and anyone he curses is cursed. The first time Balak sends the princes Balaam immediately exhibits his trust in the Lord by asking God if he should go with them back to Moab. So this man must be “on top” in his walk with God to be in such a close and trusting relationship with God. So, he meets God in a barren height. He is close to God in a barren place. cool.

Just trying to work this out today God. I am not sure if I am hitting on anything here. I might be completely off in my interpretation but I like being close with You and talking it out with You. I love You. Make me more like You. Thank you Abba, my Daddy for your word and love.

your princess,


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